1. Training participant in Industrial Technology Training & Seminar, Industrial Technology Training, Food & Cash Crop, Animal husbandry, Agro allied Farming in theory and Practical demonstration in Five days.
2. Loan (revolving loan scheme) will be given to participant after fully register and meet up to the criteria of our microfinance institute(Cottage-MFI) and the Association for the loan.
3. Indirectly, a greater number and their families will benefit across the country. The overall economic activities will improve within the Nation geographical trading areas of Nigeria triggering the “multiplier” effect.
4. To raise the capital investment level of Nigerians that are into production of Nigerian Made Products, in empowering participant to:
– Sustain their trading venture
– b. Reduce the poverty level of families
– c. Contribute to the establishment of viable Poverty Eradication Mechanisms within their Local Government and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) area of Nigeria.

In which after the training each participants will become an automatic Franchise Member of the Association and automatically have an account with Cottage-MFI-Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute, this give the privileged to soft Loan of (N200,000:00\N1,000,000) Two Hundred Thousand to One million Naira in kind and in cash to each financial member.

Other opportunity to benefit as a Franchise member includes distributors from the Association Marketing Company (ACIN Marketing Concept).

The availability of Chemicals/Machine for sale at all locality of operation of the Association, all members will be given professional assistant at the commencement of their production at the First, Second and Third stage Production.

As a Franchise member they will have the opportunity to make used of the Association, Trade Mark, laboratory and NAFDAC number on their Products and the Association will be marketing their products through the Association Marketing Company (ACIN Marketing Concept), and Organise Trade Show for them, Building of Trade Centre as outlet for them in each State will follow, also assist in the exportation of their product to other African countries by the Association.

Educate, training to eradicate Substandard product and to improve the Nigerian Made Products and industrialists in Nigerians to enable them participate in the socio-economic activities in Nigeria.


To be eligible for loan under this scheme, a member MUST
– Have 0.5% of the total loan amount as their Investment into the Association National Account.
– To have One month membership with minimum Savings of 20% in his/her Account with our microfinance institution as collateral.
1. Have a permanent address and living within his or her State.
2. Be a productive Franchise Member of this Association.
3. Be willing to receive training on the scheme through our Laboratory for quality Product and Standard.
4. Provide an acceptable guarantor from the State Civil servant and a Member for the loan to be received.
5. Open an Account with our microfinance institution.
6. Insuring the Loan with our Insurance Department, ACIN Ensure Concept.
7. Be willing to sign a Contract Agreement with ACIN & our microfinance institute CIMI(Loan Bond) which will be binding on CIMI and the Association’s member during the period of the Loan: The period of the loan being the date the money is received and with Three months grace Period from that date.
8. Becoming a member of the Association with Minimum of Five Thousand to Fifteen thousand Naira (N5,000 to N15,000) instead of N65,000 in our Constitution for more members.
9. 11. Willing to Invest in the Association microfinance Institution in buying the Shares.


a. To awaken and sensitize the Federal Government Administration to the importance of empowering and Exploring Cottage Industries as a spring Board for Economic Development.
b. To identify and highlight the challenges of Cottage Industries empowering with a view of proffering solutions.
c. To critically x-ray issues of Economic Development at the grass root with Cottage Industries as the focal point and emphasis on problems, Structures, Factors, and Case studies of other Developed Countries Economy.
d. To provide a platform for interactive session between Professionals, Administrators, politicians, Bankers, Technocrats and map out strategies on placing Cottage Industries at the cock pit of the Economic Development of the country.
e. To strengthen the political will power of the Federal & State Government to adopt and implement this important Economic Development Strategy Programme.
f. To build an Industrial Trade Centre in each State and show case the ACIN Franchises and Industrial Trade shows outlet for members.
g. To modernize Cottage industries and transform the rural lives.
h. To serve as innovators and Pace setter in production practices
i. To curb the economic monopolies in our society.
j. To assist members with loan of low interest through the support from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Bank of Industry (BoI) our Investors by Cottage-MFI-Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute.


– Industrial Technology Training & Seminar for the General public in different skills e.g. Snail Farming, Fish Farming, Grass-Cutter Farming and Muringer Tree Cultivation, Pig Farming, Vegetable Farming, Poultry farming, Food & Cash Crop Farming, Goat Farming, Quail Farming, Soaps, Cosmetics, Adire Making, House Paint Production, Juice Production,, Beverage Production.

– To produce the training manual & training DVD in our three (3) local languagies e.g. Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa from English.

– To assist each Financial Member with soft loan worth of accessories /Machine and chemical and cash with the support from the Association Micro finance -Cottage Industries Microfinance Institute, Insured by NACIN Ensure Concept managed by Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria.

– Organizing of Industrial Market Trade Show in each State quarterly for Member as outlet for them.
– Assist in Exporting the Member’s product to other African countries through the NACIN Global Concept Ltd.
– Assist members with NACIN Trade Mark and NAFDAC approval through the laboratory Seakat Industrial & Science Laboratory and assist with the Evaluation, Batch Number and Analysis of their product.