1. To create a socio-industrial economic system that will promote Locally Made Products with aims of improving the
2. To modernize Cottage Industries and transform the rural lives
3. To serve as innovator and pace setter in production practices.
4. To serve as training ground for democracy and economic development.
5. To improve the competitive position of small-scale producers.
6. To build an Industrial Market Trade centre in each (State)Area and organise Trade fair as a window for
Marketing Products and as outlet for members.
7. To assist in Exportation of members products in between the African Countries through the African Continental
Free Trade Programme.
8. To corporate with Federal, State and Local Government in all areas in generating revenue to the Government and
the Association.
9. To look into the challenges that is associated with the Members industries and so as to proffer solutions.
10. To enable and enlarge the members work towards the progress of the Association.