NACIN is a Child of circumstances, borne out of the need to tackle successfully with the abandonment of legitimate Farmers & Industrialists in Value Chain.

NACIN is a project of Seakat Global Technology Resources, and Oyo State Shipper’s Association since 2010, this company has being organising Industrial Technology Training from one community to another but with the research by the Governing Council of the Institute, they discovered there is nothing in development with the previous training programme organised nationwide, a manufacture or farmer need more than that if we have to put in place Locally Made Products priority with aims of eradicate substandard products and poverty, so a research committee was constituted to find a lasting solution to the abandonment of legitimate Manufacture & Farmers and they now set up this Association and it was established as a result from their research in 2010.

With their report then they now introduce this Association in Oyo State with the support from Oyo State Shippers Association and the Committee then nominate Board of Trustee and a Constitution Draft Committee was set up to draft the constitute with Federal Coop College Ibadan as a Member and the Association was registered by guarantee known as Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria in 7th August, 2015.

In 2016 the association was Registered a an Affiliation members of Association of Non-Banking Micro-finance Institution of Nigeria and with National Collateral Registry in 2019 and in 2020 it was Registered as the National Association of Cottage Industrialists of Nigeria by Federal Ministry of Labor as a Trade Union Congress.